Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Best Ways to Boost Your Credit Score 11/4/08

Best Ways to Boost Your Credit Score
(ARA) - The average American's credit score is 723. Having a high credit rating can give you better interest rates on credit cards, car loans and even your mortgage. It's important to know the top factors that affect your score and check your credit report for accuracy.

1. Pay on TimeThe most important factor to a potential lender is whether or not you will pay your bills in full and on time.

2. Use a Variety of CreditA variety of credit, such as mortgage loans and credit cards, can show that you are responsible for paying back both large and small financial promises.

3. Keep Accounts Open It is a bad idea to open a credit card just to take advantage of a discount or a freebie then close it right away. The longer your credit history, the higher your credit rating tends to be.

To see all of the factors that affect your personal credit score, you should check your credit report by going online to GoFreeCredit.com. GoFreeCredit.com instantly gives you a free detailed, personalized analysis of your credit report with advice on how to improve it. Checking your own credit report at GoFreeCredit.com will not hurt your score. Your report from GoFreeCredit.comwill show you details like accounts with past late payments, the various types of credit you've used, current balances and recent requests for credit. You also have the opportunity to fight negative or wrong information on your file. GoFreeCredit.com can refer you to a reputable credit repair service if you need it. GoFreeCredit.com also provides a 30-day free trial of a credit monitoring service so you can receive automatic notifications of changes to your account. It's a hassle-free way to keep an eye on your accounts if you're trying to improve your credit.Visit GoFreeCredit.com to check your credit report and start improving your credit score today.

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